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District Announcements
Donate your old eyeglasses and sunglasses for the Lions Club's White Cane Days. The Lions Club is collecting gently worn eyeglasses and sunglasses at Selkirk HS during their annual White Cane Days. The glasses will be recycled and distributed to throughout North America and the world. Bring your donations to the front office anytime during the school day. Thank You!
HS Lady Rangers Basketball Awards Dinner - Friday, April 25th @ 6:30 p.m in the HS cafeteria.
Order your yearbook by May 2nd. A $5.00 deposit is required at the time you order.
Selkirk Students Need Your Empty 2-Liter Soda Bottles
Please send your empty 2-liter soda bottles to Selkirk. Students will be making yellow- jacket traps and distributing to teachers, parents, and local businesses. Please contact the front office if you would like one of the traps.
Attention Seniors!
Composite pictures (framed ones in the cafeteria) are due to the office by May 1st. Approximately 3x5 in size. If you don't have one, please let Pam know ASAP so we can get one for you.
The annual Lions Club Blood Drive will be held at Selkirk High School on Wednesday, April 30th from 12:00-4:00 p.m. You need to be 18 or have a parent consent form signed beforehand - forms are on the office counter.

During an assembly on November 8, Principal Larry Reed and cheerleading coach, Kathy Johnson, coordinated the Selkirk Middle/High School students in an iPad-illuminated “thank you” to Dave Riggleman and Teck!  Superintendent Nancy Lotze also presented Mr. Riggleman with a commemorative plaque.  Through Teck’s Community Investment program, Dave Riggleman was able to access funds to purchase 85 iPad Mini units for students in grades 9-12.  The existing full-size iPads, from our AP English grant last year, were then reallocated to 8th grade students creating a 1:1 learning environment for all students in grades 8-12!

Teck’s Community Investment program, under the education component, funds programs and initiatives designed to enhance access to educational resources and training opportunities, including early childhood education, primary and secondary schooling, …with particular emphasis on programs of relevance to the mining, metals and energy industries. 

The integration of technology will increase student engagement and application of skills important to all future student careers including communication, reading, math, science, and vocational areas!  This program has the potential to change the way education looks at Selkirk and will allow the district to utilize digital learning resources that can be updated quickly and replaced at little or no cost.  This amazing opportunity would not be possible without the efforts of Mr. Riggleman and the gracious donation from Teck! 

Washington Achievement Award!

On April 30th Principal Reed and teachers, Kathy Johnson, Clarinda Vandyke, and Katie McKee went to Spokane to accept the Washington Achievement Award that both Selkirk Middle School and Selkirk High School received.

The Washington Achievement Awards, now in the fourth year, are sponsored by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education. Award winners are selected using the state’s Achievement Index and other criteria. Schools were recognized for being top performers in seven categories:

• Overall Excellence
• Language Arts
• Math
• Science
• Extended Graduation Rate
• Closing Achievement Gaps
• High Progress (Title I eligible or participating schools only)

Selkirk Middle School received the award for "overall excellence" while Selkirk High School was recognized as a top performer in language arts, math and science. Overall Excellence is a difficult category to meet so we are very proud of our middle school program. This is not the first time that Selkirk High School has received this award nor do we expect it to be the last. The award is simply recongition for the hard work that students and staff have been engaging in. Check out the banners around the school and be sure to congratulate Mr. Reed or a middle school and high school teacher if you see one!

For a full story on the awards visit:http://www.k12.wa.us/Communications/PressReleases2013/AchievementAwards.aspx.

Based on parent, staff, and student nominations, the school board selected John Kinney as the 2013 Educator of the Year.  Prior to the presentation students were encouraged to see if they could guess the recipient from the following list of clues:
►This teacher goes above and beyond in so many ways and is frequently first arrive and last to leave.
►This teacher creates a classroom culture where students feel comfortable, safe, and respected.
►This teacher sometimes uses loud voices, odd noises, and interesting strategies to you interested in a lesson.
►This teacher has probably insisted you attend cultural events both inside and outside of our community and this teacher is often the person who plans, organizes, acts or participates in, or chaperones these events.
►This teacher has some unique skills and an even more unique sense of style.
►This year's Educator of the Year is someone who is caring, respectful, creative, funny, (maybe even a little crazy at times) and, without exception, highly regarded by all students.
Before revealing the name, Superintendent Lotze state that "While not every student attending has had the opportunity to be in his class yet, I hope that he teaches long enough that you all do because this teacher is a gifted and talented educator with a caring attitude and a kind heart.  He is a wonderful example of how a Selkirk graduate can possibly impact the lives of others, because he is a Selkirk graduate himself."
When Mr. Kinney's name was announced, the students responded with a loud roar of approval and a spontaneous standing ovation.  He began his teaching career in 1974 with 21 of those years spent at Selkirk.
In addition to his teaching skills, he has also been the driving force behind a student-run environmental lab.  About 15 years ago, Mr. Kinney wrote a grant to the Toyota Foundation.  With the $10,000 awarded he turned a classroom into a second lab where students learn about water and waste-water testing.  He and his students provide testing services to many local water systems and the lab is also a source of summer jobs for students who do well in Mr. Kinney's classes.  This fall, he was featured in Educational Service District 101's FOCUS newsletter, October edition.  Visit the school district website section "Kudos to..." to read the article.
Mr. Kinney is also a member of the Selkirk Humanities Board which funds student art and culture events through donations.  So, if you see this amazing educator around this summer, please tell him congratulations on his award, but mostly tell him thank you for all he does for Selkirk students!
School Announcements
Principal:  Mr. Larry Reed
Secretary: Mrs. Debby Krabbenhoft
Secretary: Mrs. Pam Zimmerman
Middle School
1st Bell:  8:15
Lunch:  11:20
Dismissal:  2:50
High School
1st Bell:  8:10
Lunch:  12:15
Dismissal:  2:55

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